Writing an “about us’ page is the hardest part about opening a brewery. We’re not much for talking about ourselves, we try to let the beer and the food do that for us.

I guess it starts with the name. Calliope is the Greek Muse of music, art, poetry, and cool stuff like that. New Orleans is a city full of music, art, and cool stuff, so it seemed like a perfect fit. The Muse called
herself Kuh-Lie-Oh-Pee, but New Orleanians like to say Cal-Eee-Ope. Which brings us to our mantra- “Say it how you wanna”. It’s how locals live their lives, so we’re gonna cook how we wanna, brew what we wanna, and have fun how we wanna.

We are a brewpub, we brew our own beer. We like food-friendly, drinkable beers. We’ll have an IPA on tap for the HopHeads, and Lagers for the LagerLifers, but we’ll also have wheats, and sours, and we’ll experiment with some cool styles that maybe 4 people have ever heard of, because its fun, and we’re a
small, flexible brewery that can try cool stuff. Come hang out at the bar or the beer garden and enjoy a cold one.

We’re a neighborhood restaurant. We love our little Oak Street neighborhood, and we’re proud to be a part of it. Think of us as an extension of your kitchen- don’t feel like cooking tonight? We got you covered. We’ve got a great patio for outdoor dining, or hang out inside and catch the game. Plenty of
snacks to go with the beers, and plenty of comfort food to, well, comfort you.
So come, hang out, and enjoy our funky little corner of the world.