brewing how we wanna

we brew food friendly, flavorful beers to go with any meal or on its own

Check back often, we are constantly brewing new beers, different styles, and reimagining some past favorites.

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eat how you wanna

A brewery with a full menu? there’s a concept.

We are a quirky little neighborhood restaurant on Oak St, with a little something for everyone. Just a snack? We have plenty of appetizers. Here for dinner? Choices abound. Eating healthy? We got you covered.

Drink how you wanna

Have beer, or a wine, or a cocktail, we’ve got it all.

Come in, check out our taps and see a full range of beers, from lighter to darker, malty to hoppy. Maybe some have seasonal fruit, and some are a little sour. We’ll always be rotating new beers, so expect something new when you come back. And if we haven’t brewed your favorite in a while, let us know. We’re open to suggestions.



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